People A Group Show At J GO Gallery

A group show featuring the figurative work of Jane Maxwell, Olivia Mae Pendergast, Denise Duong, Ryoko Tajiri, and Sherri Belassan.

Meet Olivia Mae Pendergast, who will be at the opening reception.

Five artists explore the human figure: representation, emotion, adventure, action, connection, stillness, movement, play, thought, light, volume… Variations on the form.

Explore with us a variety of interpretations of the human form.

In Jane Maxwell’s mixed-media high fashion meditations, feminist issues and perfectionism are informed by both the artist’s ambivalence and curiosity about high fashion and the elusive myth of beauty.

Ryoko Tajiri’s oil paintings balance figurative realism and expressive, psychological abstraction.

Using oil on paper or board, Olivia Mae Pendergast presents a tender vantage into personal interconnection and relationships.

Denise Duong employs a stunning collection of paper from around the world in her mixed media and collage to create vignettes of joie de vivre and adventure.

In Sherri Belassen’s abstract figures bodies are in motion– a leap, a swing, an embrace– moments of captured emotion and movement.