New Works by Sherri Belassen

Sherri Belassens work Vache 3 on display at JGO Gallery

J GO Gallery invites you to join us as we welcome a new body of work by contemporary oil painter Sherri Belassen. Belassen’s vibrant and multi-layered abstract figurative works depict icons of both the modern and mythic west.

The various subjects that enter her vision include larger-than-life mythic cowboys, longhorns, and horses, as well as poppies and golfers. Consistent throughout Belassen’s work is her instinctual physical sensibility, where dancers are caught mid-dip, rancheros pause amid the red butte landscape, and cows languish companionably in abstract color fields. Belassen begins her pieces with loose, dripping underpaintings that she then uses as a base for her subjects. As she works the foreground, she includes windows and frequently large shapes that are left open and which integrate the early layer to create depth and texture in the final composition.

Please join us for a reception with the artist Friday, February 24th from 6-9pm. The show runs through March 20th.