Subtext 2015

Subtext 2015

New work by artists Curtis Olson and Jay Kelly. A presentation two of our most popular artists at J GO Gallery.

Curtis Olson’s Mandala pieces appear symmetrical, yet a closer look reveals they are made up of raw, unapologetically imperfect manual etchings. They are a reflection of his interest in circles as a symbol of wholeness; as evidenced by their use in everything from ancient medicine wheels, to celestial depictions and sunset images from the 1970s. The pieces have a timelessness, sometimes feeling as if they are both an important ancient artifact and at the same time modern.

Jay Kelly combines painting, collage, reclaimed wood, stencils, and his own photography and then finishes them with a silky gloss of resin. His collages incorporate images from found vintage magazines, old letters, thousands of bits of text, and the world around him. The resulting piece becomes an intriguing whole, beautiful as a complete composition, but interesting also as a collection of individual images and bits of text.

Second State

Second State 2016

Using a mix of forms from both artists’ personal styles, Coombs and Patterson intertwine elements from the natural world and the constructed environment and connect them in a unique way. The process is a spontaneous morphing of forms. Passing the work back and forth from state to state at each stage gives each artist a starting point as well as a puzzle to figure out and explore.

Inception 2016

Inception 2016

Join us at J GO February 12, for the unveiling of new work by four artists new to the gallery: contemporary wildlife by Kevin Earl Taylor, abstracts by Ezra Siegel and Rose Umerlik and new landscapes by Greta Van Campen.


Sparkle 2015
Please join us for sparkling refreshments and chocolate at the SPARKLE jewelry event on December 26th from 6-9pm. For a fleeting few weeks, J GO Gallery transforms as our fine art jewelry doubles and spills out into our main collection. We will preview work from new jewelers, as well as special collections from our talented roster of Sparkle & Bling artists including showstoppers, one-offs, and award-winners. Stunning new work will be shipped in from all over the country. We look forward to celebrating with you.

Winter SOL

Winter SOL 2015

Join us Friday December 18th for the unveiling of our 2016 collection. The gallery will be refreshed with significant new work from each of our 20+ artists. Join J GO artists, owners, and gallery staff for the opening reception as we celebrate the upcoming winter season and the new year. Come have a glass of something toasty and cheers to the season.