Art Services

At J GO we’re passionate about contemporary art. Our collection is a carefully curated selection of extraordinary contemporary artists who represent our vision of Art for the New West—an expansive space of creativity and possibility. We serve as liaisons between artists and lovers of fine art. We provide services for everyone from the first time art buyer to the curator of corporate collections, and everyone in-between, including art consultants, designers, and of course the serious private art investor.

In addition to utilizing our various specialty services, we encourage you to simply visit our gallery spaces and enjoy our collection. While in, please take advantage of our staff’s extensive knowledge of art and the contemporary art market. We look forward to working with you, and are eager to help you select art that will be a wonderful investment and a delight for years to come.

Personal Art Consultation

Whether you have a wall, a home, or an organization in need of art, our knowledgeable staff is available for home or business consultations to help identify your art priorities. We will work with you to craft a plan for acquiring artwork based on your taste, your current collection, your decor, your budget, and your time frame.

Artwork on Approval

Sometimes you need to see a piece of artwork in your space to determine if it will work with your decor. J GO Gallery facilitates your art decisions by allowing you to take artwork on approval for a trial period of a few days to see if it is the perfect fit for your home or office.

Free Local Delivery

When you purchase artwork from J GO Gallery, we will deliver it to your home or office in the Park City/Summit County area free of charge. Delivery service to areas outside Park City and Summit County can be arranged for an hourly fee of $75. And of course we ship quickly anywhere worldwide.

Professional Art Installation

J GO Gallery provides professional art installation services to private and corporate clients. Our installation team will handle your artwork with care and deliver reliable expertise and exceptional technical know-how to every project, regardless of the number of pieces or the size of the artwork. Call the gallery for installation estimates. 435-649-1006.

Event Rental

J GO Gallery is a beautiful and sophisticated setting for your special event. Our staff can coordinate food and beverage service with our preferred caterers, recommend and hire entertainment and work with select event planners to create a unique ambiance.

Art Commissions

If we don’t have the perfect piece of artwork for your home or office, the staff at J GO Gallery is happy to facilitate a dialog with any of our gallery artists. We enjoy working with you and an artist to guide the creation a custom piece of artwork. Successful commissions meet your physical artwork needs and stir your emotions.
If the current gallery repertoire of artists does not meet your needs, our more than 35 years in the art business has lead to many contacts in the art world. We can facilitate a dialog with other industry professionals to create a unique piece for your project.

Art Restoration

If you have damaged artwork, owner Curtis Olson has the skills and the experience necessary to repair most artwork, adding years of enjoyment to your artwork collection. If you need a professional appraisal or restoration work, we can pair you with industry professionals.

Professional and Corporate Art Consultation

We are happy to assist interior design professionals, architects, corporate curators, corporations and not-for-profit groups in making your spaces reflect your taste and values.

Corporations and Corporate Curators

We understand that your corporate art collection is a reflection of your image and your taste. It helps set the tone for your offices and inspires imagination and creativity within the workplace from the executive level to the employees. It is also a powerful means of conveying your success to clients and visitors.

With extensive experience placing artwork, we realize that corporate collections are site specific; the artwork must be created to suit its use, i.e. public access, and must also reflect the significance of the area where it is placed. We recognize that areas of high impact; lobbies, executive offices and entrances should feature more significant pieces, while the artwork in corridors and shared office space has a certain amount of versatility. The materials and durability of artwork must also factor in it’s placement; works under glass, and fragile artwork needs special consideration.

J GO Gallery owners and staff are willing to get to know your company and it’s mission. We’ll spend the the time to work with a committee or an individual to help curate a collection that appreciates and is appreciated more over time, adds prestige and impact to your offices and works within your budget.

Interior Designers and Architects

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other design and art professionals. You know your clients, we have the artwork and contacts to make your vision for their interiors come to life. We recognize the importance of listening to your ideas and realize that no one knows your client, private or corporate, as well as you do. With your input and our extensive experience and artist network, we will help curate a collection that will add stature and distinction to your project and your client’s domain.

Co-owner Curtis Olson, AIA is a registered architect with over 17 years of architectural experience on projects throughout the US and internationally. Prior to committing full time to a career in the art world, he specialized in art based design projects for museums, performing arts organizations and art galleries, in addition to the high end contemporary design and construction management work for commercial and residential projects. Curtis and the J GO staff speak your language and have the experience and expertise to quickly comprehend your design direction.

Because of our past experience and our many contacts in the art world, we have available to us an ever-expanding spectrum of work in a wide range of prices. We understand the necessity to make a statement with a major painting or significant sculpture as well as the desire to simply complete a space with a well-chosen small art piece. Whether your design requires art that is subtle or bold, the solution lies in our being sensitive to your intention and the wishes of your client.

We understand budget and time restraints and can allow your client to ‘virtually’ view your selections. We also have an incentive program designed to make acquiring artwork for your clients beneficial and satisfying for all parties. We value your projects, both large and small, and are confident that our knowledge, commitment, and services will add value to your projects.